“To provide needy and disadvantaged youths in Nigeria and the USA with the resources and support to achieve their God given potential in Education and Sports while bringing honor and glory to their country.”
Our mission is driven by our past experiences as competitive athletes and a strong conviction that if we play our part to support, care for and protect Nigeria’s young and vulnerable athletes, they will train with enthusiasm, compete with unmatched determination, win numerous international laurels and transform Nigeria into a sporting powerhouse around the world. The NIAA is eager and willing to work with sports organizations, associations, individuals and corporate bodies anywhere in the world to achieve its mission.
To identify talented youths at the grassroots level and prepare them to succeed as student/athletes as well as productive members of society.
To foster goodwill and comradeship through an exchange program among the youths of Nigeria and the United States, thereby creating a bridge which links the youths of both nations to the rest of the World.