NIAA – New York


The Nigerian International Athletes Association (NIAA) will host its annual International Convention and Banquet on October 10th-12th, 2014. This year’s event is slated to be the best yet as NIAA reached an agreement and signed a contract with the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel in New York to host its Banquet and Award night on October 11th, 2014. NIAA members are scheduled to arrive on Thursday October 2nd in preparation for the three day event. On Friday October 3rd, a general meeting of members is scheduled and as part of the weekend’s events, NIAA will participate in the Nigerian Independence Day Parade. NIAA has reserved a float for the parade and hopes to secure a kiosk (booth) to sell memorabilia. On the night of October 11th, NIAA will host its Banquet and Fundraiser at the elegant LaGuardia Plaza Hotel. The night is also slated as an “Awards” night. Several dignitaries, past and present Sportsmen and Women and philanthropists will be honored and receive awards for their contribution to the development of sports and their impact on Student/Athletes around the globe. We look forward to having you with us at the parade and the banquet.